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Fun Ho can trace its beginning back to the 1930s when Mr Jack Underwood started making toys from lead in his garage in Wellington, NZ. Around 1940 he opened a small foundry to produce components for use during WWII and in 1941 cast aluminium toys were produced as a sideline. About this time the "Fun Ho" trademark came into use. In 1945 the Underwood factory was moved to New Plymouth, where the company operated for a time from the Arcadia Hotel building. In 1947 the company moved to Inglewood where it remained until the factory closed. In the mid 1960's, another range of toys were produced, this time of a zinc alloy. Initially called Mobil Midgets, they were later simply called "Midgets". During the 1970s, over a million Fun Ho! toys were sold annually each year, but in the late 1970's, import restrictions were lifted and people started buying the cheaper imported toys which flooded the local market, instead of buying the Fun Ho! aluminium or diecast toys. By 1982, toy production ceased and in 1987 the factory finally closed after over 50 years of manufacturing.
Since then only small quantities have been made as reproductions for the collector market.